Tatyana Lebedynets, Six Sigma Black Belt


President of The Institute of Internal Auditors Ukraine
Head of On-site Inspection Department at the National Bank of Ukraine
Ms. Lebedynets has more than 18 years managerial work experience in audit and finance. She is experienced in conducting lectures, seminars, trainings, including the ones for employees of the public sector (more than 15 years); elaboration of training programs for improving skills of internal auditors, specialists in finance, etc (more than 15 years);experience in Quality Assurance Review.
She started her career as a Chief-Accountant in Lans Ltd in 1994. Then she held a position of Senior Financial Advisor at Carl Bro International.
From 1997-2002 Ms. Lebedynets has been working as Head of Internal Audit Department & Compliance Officer at JSCB Bank Austria Creditanstalt Ukraine – Kiev, Ukraine. In 2002 she moved to Raiffeisenbank Ukraine as Head of Internal Audit Division.
In 2010 she was appointed Chief Operational Officer (COO), Board Member, Deputy CEO, of Pravex Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo Group.
She continued her career as Country Project Manager at Medam Investment from 2011-2014.
Concurrently from 2011 Ms.Lebedynets is also the President of Institute of Internal Auditors Ukraine.
Starting from 2014 till present Ms. Lebedynets holds the position of Chief government auditor at National bank of Ukraine.
Ms. Lebedynets has graduated from Kiev Trade Economic University in 1997. In 1997 she completed a program of Power builder programmer, Boston Computer School. She has a Black Belt Certification in 6 Sigma Process & Productivity Management.
Ms. Lebedynets has several publications in “Independent Auditor” Magazine and “Auditor Ukraine” Magazine.
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