Angela Witzany

Angela Witzany, CIA, QIAL, CRMA

Angela Witzany

Chairman of the Board IIA-Global, Chairman IIA Austria

Angela Witzany is chairman of The IIA’s Global Board and head of internal audit for Sparkassen Versicherung AG Vienna Insurance Group, the leading life insurance provider in Austria.

Witzany has an impressive record of volunteer service with The IIA, including numerous leadership roles over the past nine years. She is chair and former senior vice chair of the board for IIA-Austria, and is active on the permanent working group of private insurance companies as a contributor to numerous internal audit guidelines, model audit charters, and audit engagement programs. In Europe, she served as a board member of the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA) and completed her term as vice president in 2015. A member of The IIA’s Global Board of Directors since 2013, Witzany served most recently as chair of the Finance Committee and chair of the Professional Guidance Advisory Council. She was also a member of the Professional Certifications Board.

Witzany has been an internal auditor in the insurance sector since 1997, when she developed Sparkassen Versicherung’s new internal audit function. She has served there as head of internal audit since 2001, and now has responsibility for internal audit activities in Austria and Central Eastern Europe. Further, Witzany serves as the Austrian Insurance Association’s vice president of the Committee of Internal Audit and Control. She has been an active member of that organization since 1997.

Witzany earned her master’s degree in commercial science at Vienna University of Economics and Business, and is a certified accountant. She is a frequent speaker and moderator at internal audit conferences and has written about internal audit-related topics for a number of publications. She is a lecturer and trainer on internal auditing in the insurance industry at an Austrian university (Johannes Keppler University Linz).

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